Archangels Space Marines

Adeptus Astartes Fortress Monastery

Welcome, visitor, to the Fortress-Monastery
of the Adeptus Astartes Archangels Chapter...


 I am Vex Julianus, Assimilator-Logis for the Archangels Librarium.

Within this archaic forum you will find volumes of information about this Chapter's ancient and unique history.
The information contained within is divided up into five major categories: Chapter History, Reclusium, Librarium, Armory, and Fleet.


Chapter History details the founding of the Archangels Chapter. 

The Reclusium houses the Hall of Heroes and is the spiritual center for the Chapter.

The Librarium is where you can find information pertaining to the nearby Ultima Tormentius and what is being done to keep Humanity safe from the perils of the Warp.

The Armory is where you will find historical archives of the Archangels Chapter as well as tactical information such as troop dispositions and heraldry.

The Fleet contains all of the information relevant to the Chapter's vessels as well as stellar cartography of the Realm of Angelius.

It is my duty as Assimilator-Logis of the Archangels Librarium to provide you this information and inform the loyal citizens of the Imperium of the remarkable deeds done by the Archangels Chapter in their defense of Humanity.

~~Yours in Service, Assimilator-Logis Vex Julianus

May the Emperor's Light keep you from the darkness.

The Independent Characters 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge

I've decided to take the plunge and join in on The Independent Characters 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge. The goal is to have a fully painted and playable 2000 point army completed by November. The first 1000 points must be designed to be played on a Zone Mortalis board while the latter 1000 points will be "anything else!" Click on my Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought above to go to the IC Forums to learn more!!!

               Black Crusade Charity Drive - 2012

Over the past couple of years, Santa Cruz Warhammer initiated and executed two amazingly successful fundraiser projects collecting almost $50,000 for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières).

This year, they are enjoying a well-earned break from the stress of running such a campaign and have handed the baton to a new team of hobby enthusiasts to carry on with this great tradition.

The goal is to build and paint a massive Chaos Space Marine army from our own stocks and from donations. The progress will be documented on the Black Crusade Charity blog. At the end of the campaign, in August, the complete army will go to one lucky winner!

Click the image above to go to the official Black Crusade Charity page for more information and to learn how you can help!